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How does STINKY FOOT Powder work?

In many cases, dead skin is the underlying cause of chronic foot trouble. Dead skin can harbor harmful bacteria and fungi, promote perspiration and prevent medication from reaching infected areas. In short, harmful bacteria and fungi live on top off, inside off and underneath your feet’s dead skin. The products you’ve tried in the past only worked on the surface, therefore remaining bacteria and fungi simply re-produce and re-infect your feet STINKY FOOT treatments end this viscous cycle. STINK FOOT penetrates these infected AREAS. This process uncovers and kills hidden bacteria and fungi that can cause chronic foot odor and athlete's foot. STINKY FOOT uncovers healthy skin, eliminates perspiration and allows feet to breathe.

100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

What can I expect from my 1st treatment?

During your first few minutes, tired, aching feet will feel slight tingly, soothing athlete’s foot itch and foot odor will start to disappear.

What can I expect from my 2nd and 3rd treatments?

After your second treatment you will begin to notice that much of the of the infected areas are completely healing or on their way to complete recovery.  And your feet will start to heal. This process will help uncover any remaining athlete’s foot fungi or odor causing bacteria. After your third treatment, your feet will show a dramatic improvement in appearance. Your feet will feel now feel fresh, clean and invigorated.

How often should I use it and how many treatments in a container?

You will receive a shaker of foot powder that should last you at least 6 months or a year.

You will be reordering  maybe once a year or maybe every second year or maybe more often so that you can give it to someone you know that is suffering or to friends as  a gift.

Once you get your feet back in good condition, you will not need any further treatments unless your foot odor returns.  After your first year you may need to treat your feet once every 6 months or so, but only if the odor has returned, if not just let it be.

After the second year and after you may need it once a year or so.

Initially you will treat your feet 2 times the first week, for a month. And that should do it. For a while, after several months you may need to give yourself a reinforcement treatment.

100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

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